Andrew Kearns

World-travelling photographer with a knack for social media.

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Andrew T. Kearns
Andrew T. Kearns

A lot of images means a lot of loading...

Andrew takes a lot of pictures. Andrew posts a lot of pictures.

 Unfortunately, his Squarespace site wasn’t helping reduce load-times; plus his images weren’t being optimized properly. This led to an initial load of around two gigabytes, just on the homepage. 

Two. Gigabytes.

Needless to say, we needed to ensure that people visiting his website were treated to a fast, lazy-loading site that wouldn’t kill their mobile data plans; and since we migrated the site from Squarespace to a WordPress install, we got to be more creative with the design as well.  

We reduced the initial load, as well as the load time site-wide. All the while optimizing the design to be responsive and creating a back-end experience for Andrew that was easy to use. 

That’s a win-win-win in our book.

Christian Stewart

Borders everywhere.

The site was designed to give way to Andrew’s wonderful photography. 

We included a persistent white border around the site to separate the content from whatever else is on your screen. This was inspired by Andrew’s love of using white borders his instagram page; a tool that makes his feed feel more like a photo gallery.

Custom blog layouts

Andrew loves to share his experiences on the road, beyond his main portfolio. While on his trips he will snap thousands of photos, and he shares a lot of them on his blog. This presented a problem on his old site because each blog post became immensely tall. We solved this problem by incorporating a custom masonry treatment for the blog index and individual blog posts

isometrics_AK_01 (1)

+ a few other pages too, of course.

Artboard 2Large (1)Artboard 2 copyLarge

Making old things new

Andrew had designed himself a logo before us – we wanted to keep true to his original work while bringing some design best-practices to the table. 

Essentially, we took an evolutionary approach to the logo as opposed to an overhaul.

Moving past the screen

On top of the logo and website, we did some print work – mainly consisting of pitch decks and printed (or PDF) presentations for Andrew’s clients.

Here are a few of our favorite pieces.

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