Victoria Wright

A portfolio full of class.


Victoria Wright

Being selective...

Victoria had a clear goal for this site, with a detailed set of ideal clients she was hoping to reach. 

This meant we needed to tailor the homepage to prioritize targeting those customers. We intentionally limited the displayed categories to a maximum of 3.  For the sake of reducing visual clutter, we even limited the displayed items inside those categories to 8 each.

To ensure maximum creative control, we used the item index number inside of wordpress to give Victoria manual control over which items were displayed, and this even gave her control over where each item showed up in each respective grid.

The rest went into the portfolio pages.

Victoria Wright

Built to perform...

There’s no two ways around it – Victoria is a supremely talented visual artist, and with the richness and vibrance of her work comes the challenge of presenting high-quality images to a wide variety of devices and connections without a degradation in either performance or quality for her visitors.

To solve this problem, we drilled down and tested a whole range of common devices and browsers, from iPhones and Androids to Windows desktops and Mac laptops, fine-tuning the presentation and performance for each platform. We put ourselves in her user’s shoes in order to create an experience that is 100% Victoria.

The result? We were able to deliver a beautiful, minimalist site that gets out of the way and lets Victoria’s work shine. Seriously – if you haven’t checked it out, go now. She’s out-of-this-world good.

Victoria Wright
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